Pickleball Doubles Explained

Pickleball Doubles:  How is it Different from Playing Singles?

Pickleball can be played either in singles or doubles play.  It’s common for players to play in both ways, but playing doubles is different from playing in singles.

When you play as a single player, you’re totally in control of your side of the court.

If you’re really skilled this can be an advantage as you don’t have to depend on someone else to have equal skills or to coordinate.

But it also means you have to cover the entire court and be prepared to return a ball from any place on the court.

When playing in doubles, you’ll have help with court coverage, but you’ll also have to coordinate with another player and make sure that you play to each other’s strengths.

There are several things that you can do to improve your performance in a doubles game.

Pickleball Doubles

Pickleball Doubles Movement

It’s important for doubles partners to move at the same time.  If one partner moves forward the other should too.

If you get too separated, you leave a wide gap that allows a ball to pass through.  Always work with your partner to close potential gaps.

One way to help you remember how to move is to imagine that you are connected to each other by a six foot string.

If one of you moves, the other one moves in the same direction and stays no more than six feet away at all times.

Pickleball Doubles Communication

It’s important to talk and communicate during the game.

For example, when you’re going to hit a ball call, “Mine!”

If you think the other player is in better position call,


If you continue to play with the same partner over and over again you can develop a language that makes it easier to play.

Before you play you can discuss strategy as well.  For example, decide who is going to handle shots that come down the center of the court so that you both don’t move to the center at the same time.

Pickleball Doubles Stay Positive

When playing with a teammate make sure that you compliment his or her strengths.

No one is perfect, but everyone does something right even if it’s just getting a little better than the last game.

Continue to practice and work with your doubles partner and eventually you’ll find that it takes less and less work to anticipate each other’s moves and have success on the court.

This is Josh grubs with all about pickleball we’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about the different rules in pickleball.

Today we’re going to talk about double scoring there’s two major things that we want to talk about when we’re talking about keeping score in doubles.

The first is whenever you’re serving make sure that you call out your score first and then your opponents.

The third number that you’re going to call out before you serve is going to be what server you are now.

We’re going to go out and show you a couple of points that will help you understand these rules one-zero start hopefully this helps clarify how to keep score.

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