Pickleball Introduction

Pickleball Development

Pickleball has become a popular recreational game, but it’s nothing new.

This game was actually developed in 1965 when three friends wanted to play badminton, but didn’t have a shuttlecock, also known as a birdie, and decided to use a Wiffle ball instead.

The friends, Joel Pritchard, Bill Bell, and Barney McCallum, also lowered the net and made paddles out of plywood they had in their shed.

The name “pickleball” comes from the name of a family dog who would chase after the balls.

Because of its origin, it makes sense that pickleball is very similar to badminton.

But it also has similarities to tennis and ping-pong.

The court is 20 by 44 feet and a net is hung to be 36 inches high on the sidelines and 34 inches high in the middle.

The court is striped like a tennis court.

The game is played with paddles and a plastic ball with holes in it.

Pickleball paddles are smaller than tennis rackets, but they are a little larger than ping-pong paddles.

They were once made only of wood but now there are many materials including lightweight metals like aluminum and graphite.

Pickleball can be played in singles or doubles.

The game begins with a diagonal serve, starting in the right-hand service square and alternating for every serve.

Serves are always performed underhand with the paddle down below the waist of the player.

The players must allow the ball to bounce before returning the ball and there is a no-volley zone on each side of the net so that the ball can’t be spiked.

Points are only scored by the team that served the ball.

The server will continue to serve until a fault is made by that player’s team.

A fault happens when the ball touches any part of the non-volley zone, does not clear the net, is hit out of bounds, is volleyed before a bounce has occurred on each side or is volleyed from the non-volley zone.

Points are scored by the serving team when the opposing team fails to return the ball, hits the ball out of bounds, or commits another fault.

The first side who scores 11 points and leads by at least 2 points is the winner.

Pickleball can be played casually with friends, but there are also leagues throughout the United States where you can play.

At the end of 2017 there were at least 5, 869 known places to play according to the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA).  (https://www.usapa.org/pickleball-fact-sheet/)

Choosing Pickleball Balls – It Matters

It’s important to choose the best equipment when playing any sport.

When it comes to choosing pickleball balls you need to understand the varieties available so you can make the best choice.

There are really two main types – indoor and outdoor.

Indoor Pickleball Balls

Indoor pickleball balls are usually made of a soft plastic and have larger holes than their outdoor counterparts.

But the indoor ball has fewer of those holes.

This texture is just right for indoor surfaces.

It also has more give so the ball makes less noise on an indoor court and will be durable.

An indoor ball can also bounce higher than an outdoor ball.

In fact, it can bounce an average of 37 inches on an indoor court.

Indoor balls are also smaller measuring in at 2.8 inches in diameter.

And they tend to be a little lighter, though not much weighing in at .81 ounces.

Outdoor Pickleball Balls

Outdoor pickleball balls are usually made of a hard plastic that has smaller holes than indoor balls but more of them.

This hard plastic is more durable for an outdoor environment where the court is made from harder materials.

The outdoor ball will make more noise than an indoor ball, but sound isn’t trapped outdoors so that difference isn’t very noticeable.

Outdoor balls bounce less than indoor balls with an average bounce height of 33 inches.

Outdoor balls have a one inch larger diameter measuring 2.9 inches and weight a little more at .88 ounces.

Choosing a Ball Color

Pickleball balls come in a wide variety of colors.

Most commonly you’ll see white, green, yellow, and orange but other colors are available.

When you’re just playing a casual game with friends you can choose whatever color you prefer.

However, if you’re playing in a league there will be rules about the colors you may use for your games.

When choosing a color for your own personal games you’ll want to consider the court surface.

For example, if your court surface is green you may want to choose a ball that is orange so that it will stand out from the green, whereas a green ball may be difficult to see.

For an indoor court with wood floors, green tends to stand out well.

But the more you play the more you’ll be able to determine which ball color you can see best given different court surfaces.

Couple share tips on working out with your soulmate

Giuliana: “Bill and I recently started playing Pickleball regularly and (we) love it. It’s like tennis meets pingpong and is a great workout and can get very competitive as well. We play it on outdoor courts, which is perfect for us since we both love being out in the sun. We also love to hike together or go to the gym together when the weather isn’t great outside. He’s the best workout partner I could ask for.”

Bill: “Working out as a couple is another way to be together while doing something that is good for you.

Even if your workweek is too busy, plan to set aside an hour each weekend to either go to the gym, play a sport or take a hike. At the very least, a walk around the neighborhood is a great way to get some exercise and reconnect.”


She’s a fitness trainer to stars like Ryan Seacrest, Kelly Ripa and Shakira. Kaiser and her husband, Dr. Carlos Wesley, who are new parents, love to stay active, especially when they travel. They’ve been spelunking in Riviera Maya, hiking through the Amazon rainforest; have paired up for a relay mini-triathlon in Montauk, New York, and created their own running tour of Paris and London.

Carlos: “Last Sunday, my mom came over to watch the baby and we headed into Central Park together for 45 minutes. We created an interval workout that alternated between short runs and a series of four exercises.

(Run for seven minutes, then pushups, burpees, side planks, teasers, each exercise performed for one minute, then run for six minutes and perform each exercise for 45 seconds and so on.) I monitored the time and Anna led the workout sections. We had the best time and came back to the apartment better parents than when we left.”

Anna: “We are new parents and we don’t have much time outside of work and baby duties.

So it can get frustrating not to get time to focus on ourselves, or one another. Working out not only gets us out of the house, but it helps us get physical together, push ourselves harder than we would if we were solo, and achieve a short-term goal that we have to work toward together. Plus, I think it’s sexy to see him work out and push himself.”


Fitness has always been the foundation of the Hess’ relationship. He even proposed on the treadmill at Barry’s Bootcamp class.

The couple, who are public relation execs, chronicles their fitness journey to 25,000 Instagram followers through @NYCfitfam as a side gig.

They say working out has helped them both lose weight and discover new things.

They ran their first 5K three years ago and fell in love. Last year, they ran the NYC Marathon together.

George: “Our date nights are now date days. While most people hire a baby sitter in the evenings, we hire ours on weekend mornings so we can head outdoors and share some fitness time and then grab a quick healthy bite on the way home. It’s so much more gratifying for us than having a “date night” dinner where we eat indulgent food and then regret it when our pants don’t fit the next morning.”

Jamie: “I would recommend finding something you love to do together, like a boot camp or spin class, and then sign up for that a few days a week.

Not only does the routine help with consistency, but another cool by-product is making friends as a couple.

Now that we have to juggle childcare (meaning they have to trade off mornings at the gym), we set aside time on Sunday nights to go over our schedule for the week to make sure we both get in all the workouts we need. The most important thing is scheduling the workouts and then making them non-negotiable.”


Don’t be intimidated by their crazy impressive moves like one-armed handstands.

These stunt masters met on the set of a photo shoot in New York’s Central Park and say they are each other’s toughest trainers and biggest cheerleaders.

Chelsey: “Mike and I love to keep it playful and completely immerse ourselves in the environments we are in.

If we happen to be strolling through the woods, we turn it into a free-running obstacle course.

A quick dip in the reservoir turns into a long distance swim to the other side. An afternoon in the city turns into a game of ‘can you handstand here?’

Living this way together keeps the moment alive with possibilities, not to mention a great workout.”

Mike: “When we work out together, especially doing high-risk acrobatic trust moves, it requires us to lean on each other’s strength, awareness and flexibility which naturally fosters a closer relationship.

She’s my teammate. …

The biggest benefits of training with your partner are the mental and emotional gains not the physical ones.”

In this July 21, 2017 photo provided by Giuliana Rancic, Bill and Giuliana Rancic pose for a photo in Harrison, Idaho after winning a Mixed Doubles Pickleball Tournament. It's tempting to blow off a workout, but getting sweaty with your significant other makes a workout more fun and ups the intensity ante. (Giuliana Rancic via AP)

In this July 21, 2017 photo provided by Giuliana Rancic, Bill and Giuliana Rancic pose for a photo in Harrison, Idaho after winning a Mixed Doubles Pickleball Tournament.

It’s tempting to blow off a workout, but getting sweaty with your significant other makes a workout more fun and ups the intensity ante. (Giuliana Rancic via AP)

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