Pickleball Paddle

What Style of Pickleball Paddle Fits You?

Choosing the right pickleball paddle can make a difference in your game play.

But when you’re new to the sport it can be hard to know which paddle is right for you.

There are a few things you can keep in mind as you shop.


Pickleball paddles can weight from 6-9 ounces.

Pickleball Paddle

That doesn’t seem like much of a difference but when you’re moving over and over again even a 3 ounce difference can make game play very different.

A lighter weight paddle will make it easier to control the ball, but you may lose some power.

With a heavier paddle you’ll be able to drive the ball across the court but you may lose precision.


There are three different grip sizes. 

Usually you can choose your grip size based on your height – as that will correlate somewhat with your hand size.

If you’re shorter than 5’2” you will want to go with a 4 inch grip.

If you’re between 5’3” and 5’8” you’ll want to try a 4 ¼ inch grip and if you’re taller than 5’8” you’ll typically need a 4 ½ inch grip.

And if you’re not sure which one is best, typically it’s best to choose the shortest one.

If the grip is too large it will be hard to control the paddle and it may slip from your hand.

You can always use tape to increase the thickness of the grip but you can’t make a paddle grip smaller.


Pickleball paddles come in a variety of materials.

Wood paddles were the original material.

This is a strong material and is inexpensive.

However, it’s also the heaviest of the choices.

Pickleball Paddle

You can also choose pickleball paddles made from polymer plastics, graphite, aluminum, or a composite material.

These materials are usually lighter and can also be stronger.

Hitting Surface

The pickleball paddle also comes in a variety of sizes when it comes to the hitting surface.

There are standard rules that limit the size to no more than 24 inches of combined width and length.

For a beginner, a wider hitting area will make it easier to hit the ball.

However, if you’re familiar with tennis and fairly good at hitting the ball already, you may want a longer grip that allows you to hold it more like a tennis racket.

Making a Final Selection

When you’re new to the game it can be hard to know which is best.

You may need to experiment with a few different styles in order to finally settle on what is best for you.

Borrowing from other players or from your league’s equipment closet can give you an idea of a variety of types.


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