Pickleball Safety Tips

Play Pickleball:  Safety Tips to Keep You on the Court


Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the United States and it’s a typically safe and fun game to play.

However, with any sport activity there are some safety risks and it’s important to do your best to stay safe on the court.

Read on for some important safety tips yo keep you in the game.

Pickleball Safety: Defend Your Feet

Make sure you’re wearing proper shoes before you begin to play the game.

These should be supportive shoes that are designed to be used on a court.

They should be closed-toed with good tread on the bottom.

Athletic shoes will provide the most protection from the side to side motion that you’ll perform as you play.

It’s also important to wear athletic socks to absorb moisture and prevent blisters.

Pickleball Safety: Protect Your Peepers

While the ball for pickleball is hollow and lightweight, it is still made of a hard plastic and moves at a high rate of speed.

The force of the ball hitting you in the eye could cause damage.

It’s important to wear the appropriate goggles when you play this game to protect your eyes.

Pickleball Safety: Move Your Muscles

One of the best ways to prevent injury to your muscles is to warm up and stretch before vigorous activity.

By taking a few minutes to warm up before hitting the court, you’ll decrease your risk of pulling muscles and you’ll improve your game performance as well.

Pickleball Safety: Clear the Court

Before playing on a court, it’s important to clear it of any debris.

Small rocks, trash, or other items can lead to trips and falls if you don’t remove them before you play.

You should also avoid playing on a wet court as this will be slick and lead to dangerous falls.

Pickleball Safety: Scout Your Surroundings

Before you play it’s important to observe your surroundings.

Is there a first aid station nearby?

Where would you go for help in an emergency?

Who would you call if one of your players became injured?

In this day and age most people have cell phones, but if not is there a phone nearby?

Pickleball Safety: Pay Attention to Pain

Before you play, it’s always a good idea to get clearance from your doctor about exercise or any health conditions you have that might prevent play.

You should also pay attention to your body and notice any pain you experience.

Pain is an indicator of injury.

You may need to let an injury heal longer or wear a brace to protect fragile joints.


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